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9 Generate GIS files of the assignments

At any time during these steps you can use the functions in the rbc.gis module to create GeoJSON files which you can use to visualize the results of this process. These GIS files help you investigate which streams are being selected and used at each step. Use this to monitor the results.

import saber as saber

workdir = '/path/to/project/directory/'
assign_table =
drain_shape = '/my/file/path/'
saber.gis.clip_by_assignment(workdir, assign_table, drain_shape)
saber.gis.clip_by_cluster(workdir, assign_table, drain_shape)
saber.gis.clip_by_unassigned(workdir, assign_table, drain_shape)

# or if you have a specific set of ID's to check on
list_of_model_ids = [123, 456, 789]
saber.gis.clip_by_ids(workdir, list_of_model_ids, drain_shape)

After this step, your project directory should look like this: